Meat Buyer's Club

The Meat Buyer’s Club is our meat subscription program. A set amount of credit, fulfilled with your chosen cuts, delivered weekly or bi-weekly. The club is the most affordable way to get your meat from Carnicopia, and members get first pick of cuts each week!


Ordering the meat is simple: each week you choose from a list of cuts on our online butcher shop to fulfill your subscription size and then pick up from one of our markets or get a delivery straight to your home. 


We know that you know that grass-fed and pasture-raised meat tastes better. And the meat buyer’s club is the best way to get it.


Purchase a 4-distribution commitment to begin your subscription.

Weekly or bi-weekly delivery/pick-up options available.

mini pack meat buyer's club

MINI PACK - $27/wk

Roughly two pounds of meat per delivery: this pack is perfect for the occasional meat eater 

standard pack meat buyer's club


Roughly four pounds of meat per delivery: this pack is perfect for small families or more regular meat eaters

prime pack meat buyer's club

PRIME PACK - $70/wk

Roughly six pounds of meat per delivery: this pack is perfect for families who are looking to eat meat regularly. 

family-pack meat buyer's club

FAMILY-PACK - $90/wk

Roughly 8 pounds of meat per delivery: this pack is perfect for stocking up or for large groups who eat meat regularly. 



Frequently asked questions

How do I become a member of the Meat Buyer's Club?

The only requirement for becoming a member of the Meat Buyer’s Club is that you purchase a subscription. Follow the link on this page to email us and tell us that you are interested in purchasing a subscription. We will invoice you for the cost of your subscription and set up an account for you through Local Line, our online butcher shop. Once you log into your account for the first time you will be able to purchase meat to fulfill your subscription.

Can I put my account on hold?

Yes, you can put your account on hold at any time by emailing us and informing us that you would like to put your account on hold. Additionally, if you do not place an order during the week we will not deliver any meat to you that week.

How do I get my order?

After you sign up and place your order through our online shop, we will email you to confirm the order and pick-up/delivery day and location. If we do not have an item that you ordered, we will replace it with a similar item. All orders must be finalized at least one day before the scheduled pick up/delivery date.

What if I forget to place my order?

Each week we send an email reminder to place your order through the online shop. If you forget to place you order you will unfortunately miss out on getting meat that week. You will not be charged for the week or lose any credit, but you will not recieve any meat.

How do I renew my subscription?

We will email you at the end of your subscription period notifying you that your current period is complete and asking if you would like to renew your subscription. At this time you can change your subscription and add-ons or decline to renew. We will then send you an invoice for the total amount of your subscription.

What should I do if I can't pick up my order?

If you cannot pick up or receive your order, we can either freeze it until the next week or you can have someone else pick up your order for you. Please let us know about any order changes as soon as possible so that we can make the necessary accommodations. You can also place a hold on your account in Farmigo up to 1 day ahead of your scheduled pick-up/delivery date which will allow you to not receive any meat that week. If you need to reschedule or change your pick up location at the last minute, let us know as soon as possible by emailing If you forget to pick up or we don’t hear from you, we will freeze your order and notify you to pick it up the next week.

What If I need to buy more/less meat?

If you need more meat, you can add on additional cuts to your order in our online butcher shop. We will send you an invoice for the additional costs beyond your weekly credit amount. If you need less meat, you can choose to either downgrade your subscription package or get your meat every other week with a bi-weekly pick up/delivery.

Do I have to join the Meat Buyer's Club to buy meat?

​You do not need to be a member of the Meat Buyer's Club to purchase meat from Carnicopia! You can place orders anytime in our online butcher shop. Orders in the online shop are placed by the pound for pick-up or delivery and cost full market price. In contrast, Meat Buyer’s Club orders are a set cost per subscription, include standardized prices that are below market price for all cuts excluding high end steaks and include first-access to limited or specialty cuts. To place a regular order, go to the shop section of our site, and set up a Guest Account.

How does the Meat Buyer's Club work?

The Meat Buyer's Club is a subscription based meat purchasing system that benefits you because you have guaranteed meat weekly or bi-weekly and the cost per cut, with the exception of luxury beef cuts, is standardized and often lower than our usual market price. It benefits us because we recieve payment in advance and are able to bring in more animals. Once you purchase a subscription to the Meat Buyer's Club you will be able to purchase your meat through the Meat Buyer's Club shop using the credit from your subscription. The amount of meat that you buy each week is subtracted from your total credit and we inform you at the beginning of the week how much you have left and how much you should aim to spend.

Meat Buyer's Club FAQ's

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