Meat Buyer's Club

The Meat Buyer’s Club is our meat subscription program. A set amount of credit, fulfilled with your chosen cuts, delivered weekly or bi-weekly. The club is the most affordable way to get your meat from Carnicopia, and members get first pick of cuts each week!


Ordering the meat is simple: each week you choose from a list of cuts on our online butcher shop to fulfill your subscription size and then pick up from one of our markets or get a delivery straight to your home. 


We know that you know that grass-fed and pasture-raised meat tastes better. And the meat buyer’s club is the best way to get it.


Purchase a 4-distribution commitment to begin your subscription.

Weekly or bi-weekly delivery/pick-up options available.

MINI PACK - $27/wk

Roughly two pounds of meat per delivery: this pack is perfect for the occasional meat eater 


Roughly four pounds of meat per delivery: this pack is perfect for small families or more regular meat eaters

PRIME PACK - $70/wk

Roughly six pounds of meat per delivery: this pack is perfect for families who are looking to eat meat regularly. 

FAMILY-PACK - $90/wk

Roughly 8 pounds of meat per delivery: this pack is perfect for stocking up or for large groups who eat meat regularly. 



Meat Buyer's Club FAQ's

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