Better taste with less waste! We utilize the whole animal to ensure minimal waste by offering custom cuts. 


Ask us anything about our beef, pork, and chicken and we will be happy to share its journey from the farm to your table.


By sourcing from local small farms, we help our local economy and preserve our beautiful landscapes and environment for future generations.


All of our beef, pork, and chicken is sourced from local, small family farms throughout south-eastern PA .


Meat raised right tastes better!  We source 100% grass-fed and pasture-raised meats and then butcher from whole animal.  Always cut fresh and never frozen.  


Grass-fed Beef

All the beef we source is grass-fed and grass finished, all raised humanely on pasture its whole life, with no growth hormones or antibiotics.  Grass is what steers are meant to eat, and that shows up in the quality and flavor of our beef.

Heritage Breed Pork

The pigs we source are all raised humanely on pasture or woodlot their entire lives, and never given growth hormones or antibiotics.  These factors guarantee quality meat and flavor like no other pork.  Heritage breeds (like Berkshire, Duroc, and Red Wattle) are breeds that are raised to be tasty, healthy, and juicy.

Pasture Raised Chicken & Poultry

Every chicken we source was raised on pasture its whole life eating nothing but organic, non-GMO feed, and any tasty bits they find in the grassy pastures. This healthy diet makes for a leaner, healthier chicken that has great flavor and crispy skin when cooked.  None of our birds are given growth hormones or antibiotics.

Keiser's Pheasantry - Glen Rock, PA

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