Pork Brisket al Latte

This is a traditional Italian recipe that braises the brisket in milk. Veal breast is often used in Italian variations, but substituting it with pasture-raised Pork Brisket makes for a better dish. Milk is acidic, which help breakdown the tough meat and makes its very tender. The lactose sugars in the milk will also caramelize during the braise which will add a ton of flavor.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

3lb ……. Pork Brisket, butterflied so evenly flat

3/4lb …… Rendered Lard, cold, cut in small chunks

2-3 sprigs …… Rosemary, fresh and chopped

3 cloves ……. Roasted Garlic, minced

2-3 Tablespoon ….. Olive Oil

Juice of 1/2 lemon, reserve juiced lemon half

½ - ¾  gallon …… Whole Milk, grass-fed for best flavor, room temperature

10-15 leaves …….. fresh Sage, chopped

1) With a rubber spatula, mix the cold lard, roasted garlic, and rosemary leaves until well distributed.  Keep the mixture cold, you may need to put in the refrigerator/freezer while mixing to keep the lard from rendering into a liquid. 

2) Season the Pork Brisket with salt and pepper, then evenly spread about ½ the lard mixture.   Roll the brisket tightly so it is a long roll (think how you’d want to slice and serve it).  Tie tightly and evenly along the roll to keep it compact.  Season the outside of the roll with salt and pepper, then spread the remaining lard mixture on the outside.

3) Preheat your oven to 350°F.  On a stove-top, sear all the sides of the brisket in an oven-safe casserole dish or cast-iron pan in a little olive oil.  Should be about 5-8 minutes per side.  Be sure the cookware is large enough for the brisket to fit into!

4) After searing, add a few sprigs of rosemary to the pan along with the lemon juice.  Take the used lemon half and slice about a quarter of it and throw that in the pan too.

5) Add enough milk to the pan to reach at least halfway up the brisket.  Reduce the heat to medium and bring to a simmer.  Cover with foil or the cookware lid and roast in the oven until the brisket is fork tender, about 1 hour 45 minutes to 2 hours.

6) Remove the brisket from the pan to a cutting board or dish.  Cover and let it rest.  Remove the lemon rind and rosemary sprigs, and skim any excess fat from the cooking liquid. The milk will be curdled.

7) Blend the curdled milk using an immersion blender or blender until smooth. Return to the pot and simmer until it has reduced to a saucy consistency (should be able to coat a spoon).  Add half the sage leaves to the liquid, then cook for an additional 2 minutes. Season with more sage, salt and pepper to taste.

7) Slice the brisket into desirable portions and serve with the milk sauce.  Garnish with any remaining sage leaves. You can also prepare this dish ahead of time. To reheat, sear both sides of the brisket slices in a pan, then add the sauce and simmer the brisket until it is hot enough to serve.

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