Total Price for 1/4 PigShare is $300. After deposit, $150 cash/check required on delivery.*


1/4 PigShare offers enough pork to feed a family of 3-4 for about 4 months.


Shares are an average of 45lb to 50lb total: about 40lb of pork cuts, 5lb of lard, 2lb of pork bones (bone broth available). These weights are subject to change.  


*FREE DELIVERY* Personally delivered to your home fresh (and never frozen).


All cuts are vacuum-sealed and cut fresh.  You will be emailed an order form telling us how you want everything cut and packaged, as well as any particular cuts. We can custom cut and pack it however way you want!  Options for linked or loose sausages, scrapple, and bacon available.


*Deposits nonrefundable*

1/4 PigShare