We would like all new subscribers and customers of our online butcher shop to carefully read this policy letter.  These policies are here to ensure our online butcher shop, CowShare program, and Meat Buyer’s Club runs effectively and smoothly for everyone.  When you create an account with us, you will click “I agree”, which means you have read and understood the following guidelines to using our services.


- Philosophy of Carnicopia Meats –

When making a purchase from Carnicopia Meats (whether it is through the Meat Buyer’s Club, online butcher shop, debit on delivery, CowShare, or farmer’s market), you have agreed to a contract of mutual respect.  The Carnicopia Meats team will ensure that the customer will receive exactly what they ordered (or a similar item of equal or greater value) on time at the correct delivery/pick-up location, and that the meat or other product is of the highest quality in food safety, accurate weight or volume, and flavor.  All subscribers of the Meat Buyer’s Club are ensured that they will receive the correct amount of meat within the timeframe of their subscription.  Carnicopia Meats is not a delivery service but offers personal delivery directly customers. You (the customer) are required to pick up your orders at the pick-up location on the day of your choosing or follow delivery directions, which is determined by you when you create an account on our web-based software hosted by Farmigo.


- Payments -

Farmigo software is used to help customers manage their financial interactions with Carnicopia Meats.  After creating an account on Carnicopia Meat through Farmigo, you will be able to have online access to your own account to make purchases, manage your payment options and subcriptions, and manage your pick up location and/or schedules.  The online payment options are run through PayPal, E-Check, and Authorize.net and EVO Payments for credit/debit card.  There are no minimum payments other than the lowest item price in our online shop.


Debt on Delivery: Customers that make a custom order by emailing our butchers at butcher@carnicopiameats.com or through last minute add-on's will finalize their purchase at pick up with either cash or through a credit/debit card (reader supplied by the Carnicopia Meats service member).  The card reader is powered through Square, with an option to email a receipt.  An email receipt can be provided through Square if the transaction is completed with cash.  There are no loan or tab options, all purchases must be paid in full at the time of pick up or the customer will not receive the product(s) ordered.  


Autopay Option:  Customers can enrolled in autopay when signed up with the Meat Buyer’s Club or Guest Account for our Online Butcher Shop.  Once the final week of the subscription is complete and your next scheduled order is coming up, your account will be automatically charged for the same subscription for the next 4 weeks the morning of your scheduled delivery.  It is your responsibility to notify Us (anyone from the Carnicopia Meats Team) via email or in person that you want to put a hold on your autopay or cancel after your subscription.  There are no refunds after your account has been charged for a renewal.  There is an option in your member account that can turn autopay off.  For customers with a Guest Account, you will not be charged for items you do not purchase, you decide all final sales.  Auto-pay is a great way for us to charge you items you either order at the last minute (when the online shop deadline has passed, or via email).  

- Refunds/Cancellation -

All transactions are final with no refunds.  All Meat Buyer’s Club subscriptions are final with no refunds or cancellation.  Contact us at butcher@carnicopiameats.com and the member can arrange to get their whole subscription at once if they are unable to pick up their orders every week.  

No refunds or replacement products will be given unless the customer can prove that there was anything wrong with their product like defects, food safety issues, or incorrect order. Please contact Carnicopia Meats at butcher@carnicopiameats.com and provide any immediate evidence of these problems, and we will immediately remedy the problem within 1-3 days.  Any issues with the product made by the customer are not applicable to a refund or cancellation like improper food handling or improper cooking technique (like over- or undercooking).


- Suspension of Service –

If for any reason you need to put your Meat Buyer’s Club subscription on hold, there is an option on your Farmigo account that lets you suspend your account for a week.  The hold needs to be placed the day before your scheduled pick-up/delivery.  If the subscription cannot be picked up, the order can either be combined with the next week’s order, be picked up by a friend or family member (please let us know who at butcher@carnicopiameats.com), or it can be frozen and picked up the next week. If a Meat Buyer’s Club order is not picked up without any notification from the customer,  the order will be forfeited and the customer will not be refunded for that week’s order.  If we are contacted by the customer last minute (day of delivery), the order will be frozen for next delivery/pick up day.  If an order from the online shop, add-on, or custom order is not picked up at the assigned pick up location without any notification, the order will be forfeited and the customer will not be refunded.  The same applies for all deliveries in which there is no cooler or directions for drop-off available, and after 2 missed calls.  If you notify us within the delivery hours, we can either reschedule a delivery the that day or delivered frozen on the next delivery day.


- Delivery Policy and Etiquette -

Carnicopia Meats personally delivers each order to customer's homes or offices.  We do our absolute best to respect your home, place of work, property and pets.  If a customer of Carnicopia Meats is dissatisfied with our etiquette at delivery, please notify the person delivering or email us at butcher@carnicopiameats.com, and we will do our best to remedy any problem.  We ask that you please respect our representative to the best of your abilities.  Our representatives love pets of all shapes and sizes, but if your pet will potentially put us/you/or themselves in danger, we please ask you to put them away at delivery (we will gladly follow any delivery directions to help out any way we can).  Our delivery times vary depending on location.  We ask that you leave a cooler with ice packs out on delivery day if you plan to not be home or wish to not be disturbed.  Will will not not knock or ring the door bell if a cooler is out for your order.  All orders are delivered fresh (unless you say you want it frozen or if it is stated in the product description).  If the customer cannot pick up their order at the scheduled time, please contact us at butcher@carnicopiameats.com and we will be happy to reschedule for another pick up.  

- Pick Up Policy and Etiquette -

Carnicopia Meats relies heavily on other businesses’ for their locations to host our pick-ups every week.  We ask that you respect these businesses and their customers.  If a customer of Carnicopia Meats is responsible for any damages to the pick up location (including physical, legal, or harassment of the staff or patrons), that customer is completely liable for paying those damages, including any legal fees.  Pick-up times are scheduled for each location based on the day and time.  Unless the customer notifies Carnicopia Meats, the customer is responsible for picking up their order at the designated pick up location only during the time frame provided.  If the customer cannot pick up their order at the scheduled time, please contact us at butcher@carnicopiameats.com and we will be happy to reschedule for another pick up.  Before you accept your order, we usually like to show you the items you ordered.  We do this not only because are we very proud of our product, but we also want to make sure we provided you with the correct order and to ensure it meets your standards before you accept it.  

- Purchase Sizes, Weights and Volumes –

All products on the website that have a precise weight, volume or size will either be exact or slightly more.  These units of measurements will be specified in either the description or price per unit on the online butcher shop.  If you purchase an item that we run out of, we will provide another cut of equal value and similar/identical (in cooking methods, flavor, service, etc) to the item purchased All debit on delivery items such as add-ons or custom orders will range from below to over a unit of measurement (for example, 0.9lb to 1.2lb).  When purchased, the customer will pay the price for the total unit of measurement provided at the time of purchase.  


- Communications -

By agreeing to this policy when creating an account with Carnicopia Meats via Farmigo, you have also agreed to open and read and assumed to understand all email communications sent from Carnicopia Meats.  If you do not understand something the Carnicopia Meats Team has sent out, please contact us at butcher@carnicopiameats.com and we will help.  Other emails will be sent about what we are bringing to the farmer’s markets we are participating with, any changes to the delivery schedule, price changes, policy changes, billing/account information, autopay notifications, service changes, etc.  It is highly recommended to remain subscribed to our emailing list if you are an active member.  All members with a Famrigo account with us will automatically be put into our email lists for our newsletters.  You are free to unsubscribe from these newsletter emails.  Please add butcher@carnicopiameats.com to your contacts so your email address will protect our messages from your spam filter.  All of your contact information is protected and will not be provided to any third party.  Our phone number is (484) 947-7110, but for direct inquiries please email us at butcher@carnicopiameats.com.  


Thank you for shopping with Carnicopia Meats.  We are excited to provide you the best quality meats all sourced locally throughout eastern PA!